12 January 2017

AP Society Newsletter #65

The Winter 2016 issue of the Anthony Powell Society Newsletter (#65) was sent out to members in early December. For the benefit of those who are not members, but who we might entice to join the Society, this 40-page issue contains:
  • Droit De RĂ©ponse by Didier Girard
  • The Heresy of Fiction by Simon Barnes
  • Oxford Day Out: AP and His Chums by Stephen Walker
  • APs Oxford 1923-1926 by Clive Gwatkin Jenkins
  • Powell, Waugh and Two Contrasting Role Models by Robin Bynoe
  • Hypocrites by Stephen Hoare
  • My First Time by Paul Milliken
  • Uncle Giles' Corner: How to Survive Christmas
  • The Wrong Entrance by Derek Pasquill
  • Eric and Derrick by Bernard Stacey
  • Christmas Quiz Supplement
Plus the usual editorials, Society news & events, and AP-related cuttings.

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