31 October 2016

AP Society Tote Bags

AP Society Tote Bags are here!

They’re shopping bags, so the design has a Dance and a shopping theme. Side one has a schematic cover design for A Buyer’s Market in red; side two has an outline design for the cover of Ada Leintwardine’s first novel I Stopped at a Chemist’s in blue. Obviously we hope the design may pique the curiosity of those who spot us with the bags and prompt them to investigate.

The bags are made of stout 10oz cotton, are approximately 39cm square with a 10cm gusset and long handles. The gusset makes them much more able to accommodate our favourite objects: books

The bags are available now at £6 to UK members and £9 to overseas members; £7.50 to UK non-members and £11.50 to overseas non-members. Prices include postage. (If collected at an AP Soc. London event they’re just £4.50.)

You can order using the online shop on the Society’s website.

However, if you wish to buy more than one bag it is suggested that you email merchandise@anthonypowell.org or secretary@anthonypowell.org with the number of bags you want; we can then give you a quote for the actual shipping cost as this may well work out cheaper.

The bags will make great Christmas stocking fillers for friends and family and they were selling like hot cakes at the AGM. But don’t forget that if you’re outside the UK we should really get your order in the mail by the end of November for delivery before Christmas

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