09 September 2016

Anthony Powell Society Newsletter #64

The Autumn issue of the Society's Newsletter (#64) is now out and was mailed to members about 10 days ago.

For the benefit of those who are not members, but who we might entice to join the Society, this 40-page issue contains:
  • The Social Climber as Hero by Simon Barnes
  • Social Mobility in AP’s World by Geoff Eagland
  • Mavis Widmerpool’s Commonplace Book by Stephen Hoare
  • We All have Our Own Norpois by Nicholas Birns
  • Who Are They? by Michael Henle
  • My First Time: Widmerpool Revealed by Geraint Dearman
  • A Saturday Stroll in Fitzrovia by Prue Raper
  • Truth and Art by Robin Bynoe
  • Milly Andriadis’ Illegal Rave or Which Way Did You Vote? by Our Social Correspondent
  • Controversy – It's What the APLIST if for! by Robin Bynoe
  • Book Review: Adrian Tinniswood, The Long Weekend by Michael Barber
  • Uncle Giles’ Corner: Tea
Plus the usual editorials, Society news & events, and AP-related cuttings.

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