22 November 2010

OUT NOW : Dance Music

We are pleased to announce availability of the Society’s latest publication:

Jeff Manley et al., Dance Music: A Guide to the Musical References in Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time
Paperback. 156 pages.

Price if purchased from the Society ...
AP Society Members: UK: £7, Overseas: £11.50 (including p&p).
Non-members: as members but p&p extra at cost.

Alphabetical guide to musical references that appear Dance. The references are discussed within their context in the novels as well as the historical and critical positions they occupy in the various types music they represent. An essential adjunct to Hilary Spurling's Handbook.

"Powell throws into Dance a huge variety of musical allusions, both classical and popular. This guide is most impressively researched; it is a fascinating and inestimable companion. It gathers together a wealth of references, many identifiable but in danger of being forgotten; some tantalisingly allusive but now revealed in context. It fills in the background in a way I’ve found fascinating and from which I’ve learnt so much. It will prove invaluable in years to come when the music of Powell’s era will be even more underplayed and undervalued than it is nowadays, a decade after his death. Jeff Manley has done a wonderful job keeping these musical references alive and preserving their meaning.” Paul Guinery

Available now via Amazon or by email from the Society.

Jeff and and his team (Nick Birns, Ed Bock, John Gould, Paul Guinery, Peter Kislinger and Prue Raper) have done a magnificent job!  Well done to them.

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