21 July 2010

Complete Dance Audio Book

This is fantastic news! I knew it was on the way, but it has arrived much sooner than expected.

Audible have today released a complete, unabridged, audio book of Dance, read by Simon Vance who has an excellent (English) voice. So far the recordings are available only via Audible’s download facility, which means you have to install their “file manager” on your PC to play what are essentially MP3 files, although they should be able to be ported to your iPod or similar (although I haven’t yet tested this).

The recordings are issued (and are purchased) in four trilogies, with each trilogy containing a separate MP3 file for each book. Beware these are large downloads (average 100MB per file, and there are 12 of them!) unless you have a fast broadband connection.

What is amazing is that the recordings are not expensive. Each trilogy is just $34.95 from www.audible.com or £27.59 from www.audible.co.uk, unless you already subscribe to Audible when they are hugely discounted. As Audible is an Amazon company expect to see these appear eventually on Amazon. I’m told there will be a CD version available later in the year.

This is an astonishing 80 hours of audio, so clearly I've not yet been able to listen to it all, but from the little snippets I have heard the recordings are most excellent.

Now, where else can you get 80 hours of quality audio for under $140 or £110 ????

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