24 June 2013

Index to Dance

Over the last several years Barry Moule has spent a lot of time developing an Index to Dance. This has been a real labour of love! I have used, and tested, this extensively over a number of years and through many iterations and have found it an invaluable asset.

The original index was in the form of a simple database application, but Barry has made it available online as an indexed PDF file.

We are pleased that, finally, we are able to offer access to this index via the "Dance" menu item on the Society's website. Alternately, of course, you may link directly to the Index.

A Stone in the Shade

We are delighted that the fourth and final volume of Lady Violet Powell's autobiography, A Stone in the Shade, is now available.

Violet Powell
A Stone in the Shade

Stone Trough Books, 2013
Hardback, ISBN 978-0954454289
220x160mm, 180 pages
From the book jacket:
Violet Powell (1913-2002) completed fifteen chapters of this final volume of autobiography which, like her husband Anthony Powell's memoirs, ran to four volumes. Though her publications tended to follow his at a respectful distance, A Stone in the Shade confirms her as an accomplished writer and humorist in her own right.
Born into the Anglo-Irish aristocracy and in some ways an out-and-out elitist, she chronicles the Powell/Pakenham families, her forays into London's higher Bohemia, various junketings in Somerset and County Westmeath, and the amenities, both cultural and social, of Swan's Hellenic Cruises.
Violet Powell seemed to 'know everyone'. Osbert Lancaster inspired her to take up her long-neglected box of paints and thereafter she never travelled without a sketchbook-diary, filling its pages with talented illustration and amusing commentary. It also provides some unedited aper├žus of the great novelist on holiday.

The volume includes 32 pages of Lady Violet's colour travel sketches.

Copies may be obtained from the Anthony Powell Society shop. UK Members £24; Overseas Members £29; UK Non-Members £27; Overseas Non-Members £32 (including shipping).