09 September 2011

Annual Lecture Mention in Evening Standard

The following appeared in the Londoner's Diary of the Evening Standrad on 7 September

A Widmerpool shoo-in
PROFESSOR Vernon Bogdanor is giving the next Anthony Powell Annual Lecture at the Wallace Collection in November on “The Politics of A Dance to the Music of Time”. The Anthony Powell Society has in the past awarded its Widmerpool Award to Derry Irvine, the Labour Lord Chancellor, judged to have behaved in the most Widmerpudlian fashion in the previous year.
Bogdanor, who taught David Cameron at Oxford, would be well-placed to point to a Tory who, as Widmerpool has been described, is a “boring, overwhelmingly ambitious arriviste, whose conversations are hideously detailed and humourless”. Surely John Bercow has got a sporting chance?

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