25 January 2010

Powell-related Photographs Online

Those of you who take photographs, and no doubt others, will be aware of the Flickr image sharing site, www.flickr.com.

We are pleased to announce that there is now a Flickr group called "Anthony Powell" for photos etc. relating to the Anthony Powell Society and indeed Powell himself, as its description says:
This group is for images relating to the English author Anthony Powell (1905-2000) and the Anthony Powell Society. It is intended that the group include not just images of Powell himself but also people, places or objects related to Powell, his life and his work and the activities of the Anthony Powell Society ...

Please observe copyright and other legal restrictions on images; for instance do not post images of Powell which are owned by image libraries, newspapers, etc. Images which are believed to contravene copyright rules, or which have no obvious connection to Anthony Powell, will be removed.
Basic membership of Flickr is free and there is a small annual charge for "enhanced" membership.  Anyone on Flickr may join the "Anthony Powell" group and add images.  Currently only some of my photos are there.  So if you're on Flickr, or interested in photography, please join the group and contribute.

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