02 May 2008

AP Sighting

While I don't intend to post every sighting of Anthony Powell in this new weblog, this one from former New South Wales Premier, Bob Carr, in the Sydney Morning Herald was somewhat unexpected.

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RON WIBER said...

The article states, in part: "Post-political Carr is busy as a consultant to Macquarie Bank, adviser to businesses on government policy, board member of Dymocks Booksellers and on the speakers' circuit. He did much of his book research on planes, rereading slabs of Anthony Powell, for example, en route to Perth. He says Powell's 12-volume novel, starting with A Dance To The Music Of Time, "may be the best I have ever read". His collecting of modern first editions began with a Powell set picked up at the London Book Fair in 1987 and with his "co-conspirator" Helena he still plucks gems from an American dealer's catalogue."

Late last year, Carr came out of retirement and was elevated to the Australian Senate, an elevation that was "facilitated" by the Prime Minister because she was in dire need of a new Foreign Minister. Notwithstanding a shaky start in that office because of a brouhaha in New Guinea, Senator Carr has discharged the duties of Foreign Minister with some distinction. He certainly has not made a hash of things as did a certain ex diplomatist referred to early on in Dance, the offending and unelaborated incidents relating to whom had taken place during a posting to an unnamed country in the South Americas.

Bob Carr is now spoken of as a possible future leader of the Australian Labor (correct spelling) Party and as a possible future Prime Minister.