05 April 2008

Dance - A New Radio Dramatisation

There's a new six part dramatisation of A Dance to the Music of Time starting on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow (Sunday 6 April) at 1500hrs UK time. Episodes are to be repeated the following Saturday at 2100 hrs. It also looks as if each episode will be available on listen again for 7 days after the broadcast.

The dramatisation by Michael Butt (in six 1 hour episodes) is part of the BBC's "Classic Serial" series. The cast includes Corin Redgrave (as Jenkins) and Anthony Hoskyns (as Widmerpool). Full cast list at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/classic_serial.shtml.

I don't know any more than this, except for the usual puff in Radio Times.


Russell C said...

I am surprised there haven't been any comments to this posting yet, given the subject matter. Perhaps Society members are still getting used to blogs.

Neither have there been many reviews of the serial yet. Looking at the comments on the APlist, there probably aren't many Tribune readers in the Society.

However, Robert Giddings has writtn a sympathetic, if slight, review in Tribune (written after the first episode) at http://www.tribunemagazine.co.uk/2008/04/15/radio-take-your-partners-for-the-return-of-kenneth-widmerpool/

I tend to agree with this view rather than the more critical comments on the APlist. I think the adaptation gives a fresh look to The Dance and will attract new readers.

Perhaps Robert Giddings should be considered for a future annual lecture? He's almost certainly a Society member.

Trumbull73 said...

I agree with russell's comment about not having more reviews. Mind you, I find it difficult to find much good to say about the radio version. Rather too many liberties have been taken with the text. Michael Butt's over-concern with school-boy masturbation is an unnecessary deviation, as it were. And - is my hearing going, or have they changed Bob Duport's name?

Alex said...

There's a bizarre piece about it by Zoe Williams in today's Guardian.

kcm said...

Thanks, guys, for the comments. I don't think I've spoken with anyone yet who professes to understand this adaptation. It seems a complete travesty of Powell's magnum opus. And I agree with the "bizarre" epithet about the Zoe WIlliams piece!

Simon Quicke said...

Agree with the comments having listened hoping for something enjoyable the story jumps around the place making it difficult to square the experience of reading the books.

The piece in The Guardian is bizarre in that it seems to be like so many things written these days just for the sake of filling space. If you haven't the mental capacity to keep up with Powell's world then surely just remembering your own social circle is going to be a tremendous struggle?