21 March 2018

Anthony Powell Conference 2018 : Booking Open

Booking is now open for the ...

Anthony Powell Conference 2018
"Anthony Powell and the Visual Arts"

Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September 2018

Merton College, Oxford

Details may be found on the conference page of the Society's website and in the Booking Leaflet [PDF].

Further details may be obtained by emailing conference@anthonypowell.org.

04 November 2017

Anthony Powell Conference 2018

We are pleased to announce ...

Anthony Powell Conference 2018
"Anthony Powell and the Visual Arts"

Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September 2018

Merton College, Oxford

The Society is now open to receive paper proposals for the conference.
Details may be found in the Call for Papers [PDF].

Further details, as they become available, by emailing secretary@anthonypowell.org.

24 October 2017

Two New AP Society Publications

The Anthony Powell Society is pleased to announce the availability of two new publications – just in time to solve your Christmas present challenges!

wineAnthony Powell on Wine
Edited by Robin Bynoe; Introduction by John Powell
Hardback; 166 pages; ISBN 9780995626720; RRP £15
Six pieces by Anthony Powell and one by Lady Violet Powell on the pleasures of food and drink.
Powell wrote journalism all his life. He intended to collect more of it in book form. This is volume one of the Anthony Powell Society's attempt to make good on his aspiration.
"A wonderful Christmas present for any lover of Powell or wine."

war danceWar Dance
By Bernard Stacey
Paperback; 92 pages; ISBN 9780995626713; RRP £9
A glossary of the military terms and references in the war trilogy novels in Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time.
"Musing on how important military titles and terms were within the army environment, I chafed that no civilian reference tome existed to help me navigate
Dance's army terms. So armed with a pencil and three old paperbacks of the war trilogy I went through them line by line ..."

Both books are now available via the Society's online shop.

11 October 2017

Anthony Powell Biography

Obviously we are delighted that Hilary Spurling's long-awaited biography of Anthony Powell was released in the UK by Penguin Random House on 5 October.

The book can be ordered from Amazon UK or from any good bookseller.

Hilary Spurling is one of our leading biographers and as a friend of Powell's (and his choice of biographer) it is hardly surprising she has produced an enthralling and splendid volume: interesting and very readable with something fascinating on almost every page.

The vast majority of the reviews have been extremely complimentary – and in my judgement quite rightly so. For those who want to catch up on the reviews here's a list of those of which we are aware. [Note that some of these are hidden behind a paywall.]
  • Hilary Spurling has herself written about the biography in the Times on 23 September.
  • John Carey in the Sunday Times on 24 September.
  • Claire Messud in the Guardian on 28 September.
  • Lara Feigel in the Financial Times on 29 September.
  • Philip Hensher in the Spectator on 30 September.
  • Laura Freeman in the October issue of Standpoint magazine.
  • Jeremy Treglown in the October issue of Literary Review.
  • Robert McCrum in the Observer on 1 October.
  • A parody review in Private Eye on 6 October (not online).
  • DJ Taylor in the Times on 7 October (not online).
  • Craig Brown in the Daily Mail on 7 October.
  • Nicholas Shakespeare in the Daily Telegraph on 7 October (not online).
  • Lucy Hughes-Hallett in New Statesman on 8 October.
  • Kieran Fagan in the Irish Times on 14 October.
  • Rachel Billington in The Tablet on 19 October.
  • Ysenda Maxtone Graham in Daily Mail on 19 October.
  • A brief round-up of other reviews in The Week on 21 October.
  • Jane Shilling in London Evening Standard on 26 October.
  • Hilary Spurling herself is interviewed by London Review Bookshop
  • Selina Hastings in the November issue of The Oldie.
  • Mark Amory chooses the biography as one of his books of the year in the Spectator on 11 November.
  • Colin Donald in Sunday Herald on 12 November.
  • Nicholas Shakespeare in Daily Telegraph on 12 December.
  • Fatema Ahmed in the January 2018 issue of Prospect.
We'll try to update this list as we encounter further reviews.

Meanwhile if you're an Anthony Powell fan go and by the biography!

And many thanks to all those who have alerted me to the above reviews.

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15 August 2017

Anthony Powell Lecture: Alexander Waugh, 6 December

We are pleased to announce …

Anthony Powell Lecture

Wavian Reactions to Anthony Powell

to be given by Alexander Waugh

Wednesday 6 December 2017, 1830 for 1900 hrs

The Travellers Club, 106 Pall Mall, London SW1

Tickets: £13 are available via the Society’s online shop or email the Hon. Secretary
The ticket price includes a glass of wine before the lecture, from 1830 hrs
Travellers Club members should book through the Club
All orders will be acknowledged and tickets will be mailed out in early November

Alexander Waugh has worked as an opera critic and written books on classical music and opera as well as co-writing a musical (Bon Voyage!) with his brother Nathaniel. His other publications include Fathers and Sons (2004), an inter-generational portrait of his own family, which formed the basis of a BBC4 documentary in 2005. He is General Editor of his grandfather Evelyn Waugh’s Complete Works, a scholarly collaboration between the University of Leicester and Oxford University Press currently expected to run to 43 volumes.
In his talk he will trace the relationship of Anthony Powell with Evelyn Waugh, Waugh’s brother-in-law Alick Dru and Waugh's heirs and assigns, particularly Auberon Waugh.

Attendees are asked to respect the Club’s dress code: jacket and tie for gentlemen (equivalent for ladies), no sportswear, trainers or denim